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1. Manoir du Dragon
2. Hotel Lugano
3. Residentie De Laurier
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Hotel Manoir de Dragon

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1. De Oosthoek
2. Ter Dycker
3. Old Fisher
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About Knokke-Heist and hotels in Knokke
Knokke is the most North-Eastern sea-side resort of the Flemish coast. It lies close to the Dutch border and is separated from the Dutch territory by Het Zwin, a beautiful and extremely interesting natural reserve. Knokke is famous for its beaches, and for the dike system to which it owes its origins. Originally a simple vacation haven for the humble city folk of Brussels, in the early 1800s a lot of painters, such as James Ensor, Alfred Verwee and others, started to frequent the small hamlet to paint its beautiful vistas. The artists rented a small miller's cottage and founded there the Cercle des Artistes in 1880. Knokke gradually became a resort town with upscale clientele, restaurants and shops. Stroll on the new promenade, sunbathe on the broad sandy beach of Knokke, wander through the exclusive shopping boulevards, discover the polders along peaceful cycle tracks and pedestrian paths, enjoy a gastronomic treat overlooking the sea, be surprised by an unusual exhibition, allow yourself to be swept along by the stimulating atmosphere. Knokke also has one of Belgium's ten casinos. In this casino you can find wall paintings of Keith Haring, Rene Magritte and Paul Delvaux.
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